Monday, May 6, 2013

Debbie, My Mom, My biggest fan....I Miss you.

On April 27th at 3:06 am, My Mother Debbie passed away as I and my siblings held her tight.
She was......
My inspiration, My biggest fan, ....... My Mom.
she impacted so many lives, she sacrificed so many things, she gave her last so others could have, she loved when others would not, she fought when most would have given up.
All that I am and have ever over come is owed to her, all that I have achieved or tolerated is due to her.
Its a wonder that animals had never been afraid of her, and I feel that much poorer with her absence.
Thank you for being my mom, I miss you terribly.
Your Son Christopher.
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Warren Zoell said...

You have my deepest condolences and sympathies :`( She was very pretty.

aor_or_die said...

I'm very sad for your lost.

Francis Lee said...

Very, very sorry to hear of your incredible loss, my deepest condolences!

The Miniatures Man said...

Life is wonderful
and death sucks

I lost my father last summer and
know how painful it can be

You have my deepest sympathies


Steve said...

my brother heart weeps for your loss my friend. she is irreplaceable. i feel your loss too. i may never have known her, but through you my friend. my deepest condolences for you and your family my brother.

kriz said...

To all you guys...Thanks a ton.
for those that it applies : hug the stew outta yer mums fer me..and appreciate her to bits guys...cuz
all emotional hell will befall you later if you did not...any regrets
will SUCK.

Man Law Luv to ya.