Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day To ALL MOM'S Out There And To the One I Lost.

Firstly I'd like to send out a heart felt HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to any an all MOM'S who frequent or stumble across my blog, secondly to my MOM who was recently lost to me and my family.

After spending the day packing up her apartment it has turned a 220lb 6'.1" hardened man back into a weeping child yearning for his mother's unconditional love, So...Too the guys out there...I don't care how
bad a$$ you think you may be...Appreciate yer MOM....the loss of one's mom is matter how close or detached you may gets you in a place you did not think existed.

Happy Mothers Day To All Three Generations Of My MOM'S

Grammy, Gran ma, and Mom.

Miss you all something wicked.
Love Chris.

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Francis Lee said...

Well said my friend!