Saturday, April 20, 2013

10,000.00 A.Z. (After Zeon) war long forgotten..WIP

Been real busy with many things as of late, Sssoooo..this is taking me a bit longer than hoped. After I took care of some business today, I jumped right back on this project.
Wasted a few hours casting more structure's, I think it was because it was a bit colder today than yesterday dang it. I was able to lay down some ground work and fiddle about with the layout of it, also picked up a few Prieser N scale animals so as to set the tone for this diorama. I still have a long way to travel with this because of all the foliage and weathering that I have envisioned, I was inspired recently to try and simulate a scene from the Will Smith Movie "I AM LEGEND" (reference picture @ the bottom)

And for those who don't know what Zeon is, Its the faction that fought against the united earth federation in the Gundam series..I the Title.

Here's what I got to show so far...concept mostly.

                     Here are the reference shots that I'm shooting to capture the essence of in this diorama

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