Sunday, May 6, 2012

PAINTED HOBBIES Photography Contest

As many of you may already know, DC23 and I started a Hobby Gallery Website so we can all have a common place to share our work.

(Free time has been scarce for me ....So I'm posting this a little late..sorry everyone)

Copied and Pasted.

The contest is as simple as black and white. Just submit a stunning photograph of your painted toy OR model kit at painted and get a chance to win One Hundred US Dollars and a 16 color set of Vallejo Model Color / Game Color / Model Air of your choice.

Me and my best friend Kriz of KrizKreations thought that a cash prize would best fit the participants of this contest. The contest is NOT limited to any kind, type or brand of model kit or toy. You could submit unlimited number of entries and in any image size or dimensions. No need for any Photobucket or flicker accounts too, as you could upload your photos directly to painted

I never liked rules and mechanics, so the rules are kept very simple.

RULES and Mechanics

  • Register at painted
  • Only members with at least a single non contest album and is registered since  May 31,2012 are eligible to join.
  • Create an album and title it PH Photography Contest
  • Dump stunning looking photos of any painted model kit OR toy
  • NO size restrictions
  • You could submit unlimited number of entries as long as you dump them in one album
  • The deadline for submissions is August 23, 2012
Needless to say, ALL entries will be featured here at and will be shared @ Facebook

As we've said the contest is open to all painted HOBBIES member since May 31 2012 ( so sign up now ) and ANY painted model or toy is allowed. 

You could submit a photo of your Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer 40k, Lord of the Rings army OR any painted wargaming models. You could submit a realistic photo of a Gundam, Military, Star Wars or any Sci Fi or historical diorama. And you could submit painted toys, vinyl, resin figures of any kind. This is a PAINTED HOBBIES Photography Contest after all, so we are NOT limiting the kind entries to any form or genre.

We are looking for a one of a kind creative PHOTO showing your love for your hobby. This is a Photography contest thus we will not be judging the complexity of your models but the stunning look of your photos instead. Shoot your miniature army inside a freezer OR photograph your toy under water. It's up to you guys.

Just make sure to stun the judges to get a chance to win One Hundred US Dollars AND a 16 color set of Vallejo Model Color / Game Color / Model Air of your choice. Register and join us today at our community at  painted Also join us at painted @ Facebook for regular updates of this very simple photography contest. 


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