Monday, May 7, 2012

GRAFFITI ON MY MODEL...AND a few friends!

Guess I could say I can relate to people who have their property defaced with street art..LOL.

Spent my day off (with a blistering head ache mind you)...painting graffiti on my model, Granted it is not 100 % perfect...But I'm satisfied with it. I really wish I could have used my airbrush, but my hands were a bit shaky today for some reason or another.

The Graffiti was inspired by tonz of Google image searches, and the Main Tag is my screen name KRIZ.

"while all the little tags are forums I frequent or people I consider friends one way or another"

the smaller tags were the biggest challenge for me so far, I also named a few forum's...and for anyone saying to themselves..You did not use my name?....I used the forum my friend....therefore..that includes all who have resided there.

P.S......... Had to TAG my friend Ray (Rzero1)..thanks again bro :)

Still more to do....Once I weather and Wash it..any sloppiness should be blended in..hahah.


Jay said...

Super look!

rzero1 said...

looks awesome and i love it!!! thank you very much for the tag my friend, its an honor... =)

Modellours Workshop said...

So cool :)

Kayleigh said...

This is so cool,makes take you forever to make it look this good and realistic x
Thanks so much for your kind words,hope you have a lovely weekend x