Monday, March 5, 2012

A Year Plus In The Making..OverFlag Modification..To be Dedicated Later

I have so many Blog posts to catch up and do, so for starters. Allow me to post an update to a project which is now a year plus old..jeez

The Overflag which will become a dedicated works (when finished lol), I finally worked out the crappy foot and legs non-Aero dynamic designs (rudders). There is still a ton of things I'd like to accomplish with this build, but if I had to wrap it all up...its pretty balanced I think as is (once left and right mods are done hehe)

Prior Post:

Current Progress and Overview.

Hope You Like what ya see so far..... :)


Warren Zoell said...

Very nice! Have you ever seen this?

kriz said...


Hella THANKS Warren, Just what I need to feul me further with this.


rzero1 said...

Looking great kriz! Happy birthday my friend... Cheers!=)

kriz said...

Thanks a ton Ray..Its much happier now :)