Tuesday, March 6, 2012

THANKS DC23!.... Just Picked Up My First "EVER" Mini Due to Your TrollBlood Kit.

Today was a very good and interesting day.

1st.....I turned 41 years Young today.
2nd....My best friend DC23 helped me decide to try my hand at WarGamming Mini's with his recent TrollBloods Mini.
3rd.... I was invited to help re-vamp my favorite Local Hobby Store.(shopping there since I was 11)
4th.....Bumped into a old classmate.(good friends way back then)

Now as most may figure out... I have a deep admiration for the artist's who do WarGamming Mini's, But never really ventured into them for a few reason's..mainly I love spray painting as a medium.

But granted when I was younger Oil Painting with brush and canvas was were I first cut my teeth, So as a small birthday present to myself . I bought a WarHammer Mini
Lizardman Saurus OldBlood and I hope that I can pull off as nice a finish as my Brother DC23'S Trollbloods Madrak.

(Yo Don....My Lizardman Oldblood is gonna wup your TrollBlood..LOL).....seeing as we have ALWAYS tried to inspire and even competed a little in some ways with one another...........Here's To You Bro!

Seriously though....Wish me luck...I may really wind up making this suck because of how DAM TINY this is..JEEZ!.


Melanie said...

That sounds like an excellent day! Happy Birthday =D

Tember Gundam said...

Dude, DC did the same thing to me, I just got my first Warhammer 40K figures in the mail yesterday.

Ludo Weyden said...

Happy Birthday Kriz!

kriz said...

@ Melanie.... Thank you so very much.

@Tember... Looking forward to your creative madness on it bro. :)

@Ludo... Thank you for the B-day wish my friend