Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Special BLOG Feature For MAC MEMBER Hasaki.

As most of my fellow bloggers know by now, I try to support our mates within our hobby as best as I can.

I would like to take a moment to give Propz too one of our MAC FORUM MEMBERS, for really encompassing the spirit of fellowship within our humble MAC community.
My fellow Admin DC23 and I have decided to do a special feature for Members who really stand out within that month for just being cool people .... meaning (Activity and helpfulness in the forums).

SSSSOOOOO.......Let Me say...... THANKS TO MAC MEMEBER...........HASAKI


Here is Hasaki's Blog....There is a nice wip on molding parts which is useful.


Hasaki said...

Many Thanks to both you and DC again, I'm flattered for the acknowledgment.

jriggity said...



Lobo said...

I have been in Hk and just buyed a small -and very simple- gunpla.. I think to use it with 15mm minis for wargaming pourposes!

kriz said...

@Hasaki... My pleasure bro..keep being a cool dude.

@Jriggity... Thanks for dropping by my friend.

@Lobo...COOL!....I will be looking forward to that...drop by MAC's tutorial section if ya need and pointer's or just let me know if I can help in anyway.