Sunday, December 11, 2011

Repair Rig built for a prior project

Some of you may recall a FACE-OFF which I was having with one of the gents from MAC Forums named Aries13th, well my mate seems to have lost steam with his Patlabor build maybe.

Seeing as I have set a goal to finish "ALL" of my Diorama projects before January 31st
(4 total), I will be continuing this build without him unfortunately.
After seeing a super wicked Diorama done by MAC forum staff member DECAY (featured Soon), I got inspired to do something a really "HATE" doing.....scratch building ..(because my "OCD" always kicks in)

I spent almost all night and up until 4am constructing this repair rig (with NO prior design), after this writing I will be on my way to the hobby shop to pick up some lighting and stuff...Plan on finishing this by Monday night.(EDIT...DAM OCD HAS ME AGAIN......this weekend..haha)

Here are a few shots and there will be a ton more at MAC Forums for further review.

Next will be a KILLER DIORAMA by DECAY.


Jay said...

Your ambition and imagination still seen to be in high gear.

The Angry Lurker said...

Amazing attention to detail, this looks epic so far.

Lobo said...

great stuff coming to take form!

kriz said...

many , many humble thanks my comrades...very much appreciated

flux said...

Amazing ! So so real ! Good job ; )