Saturday, November 26, 2011

1/100 MG (1/35th scale) ALL METAL GATLING GUN (Part 1)

Hope everyone had a nice holiday and black Friday, BEEN SMASHING MY BRAINS trying to engineer this little bastard (With only a few rulers at hand). This thing so far is all made from aluminum rods and brass pins (97%) of it, I have 1 plastic part for stability.

Finally finished Step 1 of this undertaking of mine, Now all I have to do is finish constructing the shoulder mount and electrics.

(Think I might Get this PATENTED when its done...hahaha)

I...CANT WAIT TO FINISH THIS BUGGER....(Love / Hate... kinda thing)


PP OLLER said...

Un trabajo de precisión. Genial.
Un saludo desde el norte de África.

vanz najoseki said...

bro.....this is wicked metal stuffs..he he he!

love to see this first hand..:)