Saturday, April 16, 2011

NEW Blog Page / Dot COM Forum Page For all to visit.

TO ALL THE MODELING ARTIST'S who visit this humble page, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the new MacForumFrontPage which my partner's in crime (DC23/MATX/KISAPMATA)devised so even more modeling artist's can interact and share their passions.
The page is set up as a BLOG type page, and will be updated regularly with TONZ of AWESOME BUILDS AND USEFUL INFO that everyone can now see. I would like to ENCOURAGE ALL MY WARGAMING AND SCALE MODELING buddies out there to visit and HOPEFULLY SHARE YOUR awesome works as well sometime.

here are a few snip-its from the Blog/Front page and the link..........

So, If you love artistic Modeling and want to be abreast of whats "HOT" IN THE GUNDAM + SCALE MODELING SCENE.......DROP BY FROM TIME-TO-TIME and leave a "comment" if you feel inclined.


Lobo said...

love robots..

Justsayin' said...

Very cool blog, now following and supporting

kriz said...

@LOBO, Cool...hope you enjoy what we post up.

@justsayin, Thanks for dropping by bro....Got your blog as well