Friday, April 15, 2011

BORED AS HE!!, so I figured I would share my huge exotic car collection.

Well gents.
After making the wife happy and setting up the new house (after 100 redeux). I started sorting out a few of my own things, I came across 2 huge and heavy ass box's wondering WHAT THE HELL?
To my surprise it was my big collection of 1/18 scale exotic cars, So I figured I'd share and post em up.
I think I started collecting these beauties back in the late 90's and stopped collecting in late 2000.

Man..... can you say compulsive?


Lobo said...

tons of cars!

kriz said...

Yup...Now I dont know what to do wit'em.

Thanks for dropping in bro.

Aulon said...

As cool as those cars are... those shelfs should be full of GUNPLA!!!

Gary said...

Hot Dang... really really HOT dang... gosh... very nice collection kriz... you got that right with the compulsive bit... agreeing with Aulon, these shelfs should be filled with tanks

Justsayin' said...

wow that is a huge collection, very nice.

vanz najoseki said...

OMG !!! we have the same taste on collections Gunpla and cars !! XD keep those wheels rollin'..!