Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pacific Rim Featurette, Hopefully one of the best flicks of this year.

Did my normal blog surfing this morning and came across this at Gunjaps Blog , after watching this and not to my surprise. I must say....THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A F'ING SCI-FI MOVIE "HOLLYWOOD"!!!

Although I have not seen the full movie, I have to reason that if what was said in the clip is true of what went into the making of this movie. It should not be a disappointment as some of the "other" sci-flicks have been in the last few years. Story cohesion is a large factor in most cinema, and attention to detail ( WHITE PANTS IN THE DESERT IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE..REMAIN BRIGHT WHITE?!)

Enough ranting, enjoy the clip...and cheers to good expectations of this movie.

(cool suites, and kaiju's shots included)


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