Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Road Trip Too The Nations Capital, And Then To The Blue Mountains.

Sorry once again for the absence friends, I have been on a road trip across a few states visiting here an there. The wife liked the spur of the moment graffiti as she called it, an encouraged me to do a few more..just not on our walls..(Which I will be repainting white

I'd like to share a few snap shots I took along my trek, some interesting and some just awesome.

Summary of Shots: Giant T.F. Bumble Bee sculpture, Rhinestone Art on a Mini Cooper, A Wood Carving made from 1 piece of drift wood, 8 Foot tall Penny made from pennies, a look outside into a thunder storm while in the Blue Mountains, a few shots after the storm surrounding the peak.

I have some video of a city made of wooden tooth picks that I hope to share soon.

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Francis Lee said...

I like the pictorial trip of your trip Kris.