Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vintage Kits For Some Future Projects

Greetings all out there, here's a few dandy little gems I recently came across and have some big plans for in the future. (Pretty sure some of you will want to know were and how....look up HOUSE OF FUN ) he has quite a few vintage AMT/ERTL kits to name a few, and might be able to ship em to you.

First up is: Space 1999 alpha moon base model kit

 Web Images:

My Crappy Cell Phone Images:


AND NEXT WE HAVE: Empire Strikes Back Rebel Base Model Kit

                                                          Web Image:
                                                               Crappy Cell Phone Image:

The kit-bashing possibilities are endless as far as I'm concerned, I see a huge diorama in the makings....

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Francis Lee said...

Lovely kits, never knew there was a Space 1999 kit!