Sunday, January 13, 2013


Partly due to boredom, I decided to make a faint attempt at a gunpla kit  review. I just had a few days off and I decided to snap fit the hell outta a few kits. (mainly to keep my mind occupied)

1st : GUNDAM AGE GHIRARGA, I have never seen the anime and cud care less about it. But the kit design and engineering are very GOOD as far as I'm concerned
(great design for kit bashing etc)
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My Crappy Photos:

This is a recent release in the Bandai Master Grade line from the Gundam Seed series, an looks BAD azz...
BUT KINDA SUCKS in some area's....the plastic feels cheap, and is very brittle/soft compared to other MG kits I have. 
Also there are a few fitting issue's..The booster an back armor part is a main culprit. It only has 1 peg to secure the whole booster pack...which keeps falling off..dammit. :0 and the manipulators are CRAP...(hands)
But for those out there that are into kit bashing....MANY POSSIBILITIES this kit has.(  A FEW OK GIMMICKS btw)

And Lastly : Kotobukiya's Frame Arms kits

The design and concepts of this series is kick azz, ...BUT.....the inner frame thingy is just down right UGLY!
I would say these kits were geared towards up and coming modeler's..(which is a good thing)...BUT
for older guys...they are a down right pain in the butt....( For Show Quality Finishing ) ...there are tonz of horrid seem lines and factory cut nub marks all over the dang thing...( a family/working mans worst nightmare)...the extra parts and snap on armors would be good for kit bashing...but the articulation sucks IMO..sooo I say to the seasoned guys out there...beware, unless you have a ton of free time to clean up the messy nub marks an all. 

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HobbyOwYeah said...

I also got the same Frame Arms and I think I'll agree with what you said - UGLY (tons of nub marks and seam lines to clean)!

Lobo said...

Really cool stuff, Kriz!

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