Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus-OR-Bust, My 2cents.

Aye Folks.
( I don't really do movie reviews...but damn this 1 really needs it)


I have A few opinions on the recent Alien Prequel named Prometheus, seeing as though I grew up in an era with some of the best SCI-FI the world had to create in those days (1971 thru 1999)....And I watch ALL movie's with a completely open mind, and appreciation for what it has to offer..but Prometheus did not live up to the hype..........its turned out more like Swiss cheese to me.

Also considering I have read and viewed almost all the best Sci-Fi books from such Artist's/Writer's....Issac Asimov / Piers Anthony / H.R.Giger / Heavy Metal / Boris Vallejo / Frank Frazetta...etc,etc

It surely looks like Hollywood forgot the MAGIC MOVIE FORMULA FOR SCI- FI on this one.
As the saying is...too much of 1 thing can spoil the mixture, SOOO...for those of you who have a budget....DON'T BLOW IT ON THIS FLICK! if you are looking for a balanced viewing experience....your sacrifice would be better spent IMO.



mandarinejuice said...

seriusly, its that bad?

kriz said...

@Mandarine.... IMO..the film is eye candy only..tonz of CGI...plot and character development has more holes than Swiss cheese brotha.

The Guyver/Halo anime's tell a better story of progenitors for that matter.

Mik said...

Saw it last night, huge fan of the franchise starting with seeing Aliens in the theater back when.

I was not blown away, and where it was cool seeing Jockey backstory, I left with as many questions as I had going into it. I also hadn't considered the possibility of another prequel sequel, which it looks like where we're going.

kriz said...

@Mike........Completely agree with you.

Chris said...

I went to see it last night, I liked it very much. It's visually stunning, and I wasn't disappointed with the story because I wasn't expecting it to have one honestly. It was definitely a better attempt at story telling than Avatar's cut and paste of Fern Gully.

kriz said...

@Chris.... lol'd about Fern gully/ very right about that.

Promo was good for what it was, just not everything it was hyped up to be imo only...still muttling over the plot line and attempts at being scary.

rzero1 said...

I saw the movie today. I was so hype, but yeah its not mind blowing like what I'm expecting. But I still enjoyed the movie for what it was... I still prefer old SFX than CGI tho...