Tuesday, May 22, 2012

N-SCALE/ 1/144 PLASTER RECAST (Diorama pending)

I took advantage of the warm weather this past Sunday and tried my hand at recasting some Greenmax N-Scale buildings for a project........ I still have never completed, I still have this urge to build a city scene..haha (4 those that know)

I have decided to scale it down to a 1/144 size instead of HO=1/100 scale for a few reason's, less space to be taken up/ less exact details needed (opposed to larger scale)...As I have learned from my friend Jerry over at Quinntopia by using optical illusions via paper / styrene strips for lack of better description / and last but not least...save's on materials / supplies .

The only DOWN SIDE too working with plaster in this small scale is the structural integrity is much more fragile than 1/35 th scale buildings....(as you may notice..I already have breakage), the whole purpose is to realistically damage a building or 2....BUT not SCRAP a perfectly good plastic kit if not needed.

I don't really have a time line for completion, but I wanted to share this anyways.

Many More photos @PAINTEDHOBBIES.

I have no idea when this may get completed, I'll try an work on this as time allows (fingers crossed..haha)


Jerry said...

First...thanks for the nice shout out! :-)

Second...cool project! There's a 'darker' side to my little train world that I want to have a very 'post-Armageddon', toxic area on my layout someday. What your doing is really inspiring! Keep it up!

Melanie said...

Very cool. Good luck with the plastic. I have no patience and am an unreasonable perfectionist, so I would suck at that. Carry on - it looks awesome so far!

Lasgunpacker said...

Looking good do far. I think most modelers/gamers want to have a city table... but they are a ton of work!

Kayleigh said...

Wow looks like you need alot of time,patience and skill to create something so small and detailed.
Its amazing you can do this.
Good Luck with it x

Warren Zoell said...


baronjutter said...

How'd you make the mold? I have this part and wanted to make some copies but the shape of it just seemed impossible to do without filling sections of it so it doesn't "leak"

kriz said...

Thanks a ton my friends, Hopefully I will get some free time to finish this up.


Take a look at this article, this is what I used..and pretty much the same process.