Friday, February 10, 2012

MAC Forum's Artist Of The Month Feature.

Ello ladie's and Gent's, recently DC23, Myself , an fellow Admin's decided to feature a member of the MAC Forums for each month.

The Member is chosen based off of 1 or more of the following criteria : Post count for the month, There contribution of valuable content within the training rooms an open topics, and just a overall desire to make a positive impact and to inspire other members. (granted this aint a perfect system, but.. we will do our best)

Apologies to the MAC brother's for the delay..Life Happens guys  : )

Artist of the month of January is  ENENSIS'S, Links to his Youtube Channel and latest completed work.

MAC Forums Completed Work


Youtube Channel:                  
                                                       Enensis's Youtube Channel



The Angry Lurker said...

The vid and music are very well done......

Michael Slivkin said...

Daaawg! your the man. Thanks so much for featuring me :) xxx