Thursday, November 10, 2011

My O.C.D for details has struck... yet again

Seems like my detailing O.C.D. has struck again, this time it has taken form of VISOR LEDS in the head of my MG Patlabor.

This is actually my first LED modification on any mecha kit ever, this post will be a little pix heavy since I would like to share a bit of the process as well. I am considering LEDs for the chest lights, but not for the shoulder sirens because I may be weaponizing them instead.

I had to scrap a book reading light for the battery leeds, and then scratch build the battery housing which fits perfectly into the back compartment. NO wires will be seen once I add the frame coverings which is standard for this kit, but I will be using another material for this job instead of the crappy rubber which comes with it.

I may revisit more on the LEDS for this in the near till then.......Heeerrreeesss Johnnnny!

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