Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I had to improvise with my MG Patlabor's interior detailing, basically I find it a complete waste of time to uber detail something that wont be seen anyways. But on the other hand..I'm a bit OCD when it comes down to the details...hahaha., so instead of adding a ton of brass wires and pla-rods etc,etc,.

I used various plane and tank decals to add a little bit more interest to the cockpit, and I am also using a different light and camera set up than before..........Hope you enjoy.


The Angry Lurker said...

Still it looks bloody good and OCD can be a bitch with modelling.

Jay said...

I like the decals,and your creation is well adorned with them. I still have and use some from my model railroading days.

Lobo said...

very accurate job.

kriz said...

@A.L...thnks my friend...Yup tell me about it..haha

@Jay. thanks for droppin in... yu r so right..I just used some high voltage decals from a transformer kit on 1 of my Dio WIPS.

@Lobo.... Thnks for the support my friend.