Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Destroyed City Diorama...Turbo Mode is ON, DAMMIT!

The outcome of some recent events have gotten me extremely PISSED OFF, AS WELL AS EXTREMELY MOTIVATED TO COMPLETE THIS 2 YEAR OLD SHELVED DIORAMA.


There are about maybe 10-15 GUNPLA DIORAMA "MASTER'S" within the gunpla hobby community, So once I explain the dynamics behind this build, I would expect those "MASTER'S" to know exactly what I mean.

Most Ruined structure's are made from either two types of materials, 1 is Plaster because it gives you a very easy canvas to work with when it comes to realism (MOST SCALE MODELER'S WILL AGREE).
The other material would be foam board which also is very agreeable to destruction and weathering (MOST WARGAMERS WILL AGREE), But STYRENE IS A COMPLETE BITCH TO DAMAGE concerning a realistic CONCRETE EFFECT FOR 1/100 GUNPLA.
I have only really ever seen a few Japanese Diorama's where the modeler pulled it off convincingly, WELL LADIES AND GENTS that's EXACTLY what I'm gonna have to do with this build.


A List of some details after the photo's

I-beams between ceilings and floors,electric wire,water pipes,internal doors, elevator shaft, carpet, office furniture................Just to name some of the details set-up for this.

Keep yer eye's open, the next round will have even more...........................


Tonythem / AgcSantos said...

Good luck there master kriz, I know you'll do your best, if you need help talk to me ahaha :P

I could give you an idea or two ;)

Keep up the good work :D

kriz said...

ABSOLUTELY BRO, Who says a Old guy cant learn new tricks...Shoot me a PM or when im on skype...You would completey honor me with your feedback.

The Angry Lurker said...

Getting better and better sir.

Lobo said...

Wow Kriz! I'm sorry you're in a bad mood... but your job on those rough materials is great!

Jay said...

Very ambitious and a nice looking
model project.

Anne said...

Thanks for the follow Kriz. You probably found me via Angry. He's great isn't he? You guys that build these models do a great job. I really enjoy seeing this stuff. Makes me feel like a kid again.

kriz said...

@Anne..Yes A.L.is a great Blogger
And you are welome N.P. :)

To the rest of my brother's.....Thanks you very much and this NEXT update should blow yer socks off..Muhahahaha