Saturday, August 13, 2011

BAD-AZZ NEMO O.D.S.T. Inspired Color Scheme (WIP)

Alright!...This kit has been kicking my butt..MURPHY'S LAW has been at it again!

This WIP was inspired by many people and events as of late, here is a quik background and summary of what was planned for this.

This is a an old kit which I painted horribly many years ago, I then decided to strip and re-due it to my current standards since I really wanted to test myself. I then set a target goal to re-due and construct a diorama within a weeks time, "BUT"......... MURPHY'S LAW had another crack at me...hahaha.
1st) It Rained for 2 days, then a broken finger, and again today more freakin rain (top coating)

BUT YA KNOW WHAT?.....................Im still kickin azz, I'm about 80% done with the kit and 25% done with the diorama.

So I just wanted to share my current progress, and use this as an reference as well.

Here is the MG Nemo on my older Dio.

REMEMBER.....This is not a outta box fresh boy, this had 100 layer's of (lacquer/acrylic) auto paint on it..hahaha.

If you would like to follow this from the beginning check out:


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