Friday, July 22, 2011

2-IN-1 POST, Another great OPTION PART find plus an update to WAR.

This will be an ODD post to say the least, 1st I wanted to share another GREAT  Option Part find for scratch building. (and just fer shites and giggles how I got em)

It all started like this: Told my 9yr old daughter I was gonna take her out shopping for JEWELRY( HA-HA)
Then we proceeded to many store's that sell ladies cloth's and costume/accessory Jewelry (took my daughter so's I would not look like some kinda freak )....and SHA-ZAM...JACKPOT!

ME=15$ vs Daughter=5$....made it up to her by buying finger paints and bubbles..etc,etc.
Now I have a Ton of chains so I can do all kinds of mods on my kits with, and for half the cost I would normally spend for less product than comes packaged.

Now an UPDATE TO WAR, finally finished other aspects of the build so I could put the spine in today.

For more on this build and others within the HORSEMEN SHOWDOWN, check out MAC FORUMS.

P.S. there are quite a few events happening as well.

Invited to MAC anniv party



The Angry Lurker said...

Damn good idea, damn good work.

jriggity said...

now thats pretty freakin RAD...