Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Memories Through Modeling

Figured I would share this with my fellow Blogger's, this was first shown at ZERO-G a few years back. This is one of my favorite non-gunpla builds, and most enjoyable seeing as I did this with the help of my wife.
This little DIO was inspired by one of my old Neighborhoods and holds alot of good memories for me, and as some of you may have read my prior post...DAM I'm in need of some good thoughts right now...hahaha.
(details) Structure's are from a  HO line manufactured by a company known as IHC, Kits are finished with a combination of Airbrush/Hand Painting/Spray Painting.


Glovey said...

Love your blogging work! Keep up the good work you make really good posts!

kriz said...

Thanks a ton man, Just trying to share interesting things and events basically.....I followed.