Sunday, January 2, 2011

A SERIOUS RUINED CITY DIO and other Amazing Scale Model Works.

Warning! very photo and info heavy post (for me anyway..haha)

Felt I should share these Photo's and Links to this forum I came across today. I was actually checking out one of my Fellow Enthusiast's Blog and came across a nice W.I.P for a Structure Scene he did.

His Nik is The Antipope and he normally does Wargaming, I would direct your attention to his WIP if you are interested in doing some scale structure modeling its pretty useful IMO.
BLOG LINK to the W.I.P. PAGE.........122ND CADIAN.blogspot

I also would like to share a WarGaming Forum which feature's a TON of useful info and spectacular builds, the name AND  link of this forum is .

The Ruined City Game Board that I stumbled upon is amazing, and was done by  forumer ( WYZDUM)
His craftsmanship of this IMO, is outstanding right down to the FURNITURE AND BROKEN GLASS!
There are a TON of outstanding builds, and some kit-bash's I came across too. here are some Photo's and the Page Links at the bottom.



dakkadakka 2
dakkadakka 3
dakkadakka 4
dakkadakka 5

I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in these as I have.


The Antipope said...

Thanks for your kind words Kriz. When you are into wargaming there is going to be a point sooner or later when you will have to delve into DYI. Buying commercial scenery for the tabletop can be on the expensive side so one should be able to make his own :) Glad you like all these warhammer stuff!

Porky said...

A good selection of pics. The titan in the sepia-toned photo is a great mix of warlord carapace and imperator load-out. The ruined cityscapes and buildings are attractive for not being as heavily Gothic as we might be used to, and the final building also looks especially good fun to play in. I'm constantly amazed by the good work out there, and the good ideas.

@ The Antipope - I like that building plenty. Simple, but also realistic and practical. Very evocative of a bombed-out future.

kriz said...

@Antipope: My Pleasure bro, Love how simple but yet effective it was. I absolutley agree that it can
be very taxing on the wallet and a certain level of DYI is required for any hobby for that matter.

I love all things modeling, I do own some WARHAMMER stuff just I havent gotten around to em yet.
(some day soon hopefully)


Ludo Weyden said...

That are some incredible ruins, man! I would like to get my hands on those. thanks for the share, I really like this style. That's a good start for this year Kriz. Very nice.

The Antipope said...

Cool, let me know if I can help you with any tips & tricks of the trade :)

kriz said...

@porky: Thanks for the name of parts used in that monster really preciate that, They are really my cup-o-tea concerning the whole construct and layouts.

kriz said...

@antipope: I definatley will.
I have a SUPER DETROYED CITY DIO for Gunpla I need to finish by the summer and may use some warhammer stuffs in it.

kriz said...

@ludo: Thanks my friend,thats what creative expression is all about..
The sharing...haha.

Believe it or not alot of that is scratch built I think.

Porky said...

@ kriz - The model is a complete scratchbuild, but based as far as I can tell on two titans from the Games Workshop game system known as Epic. The original warlord titan design had that kind of curved carapace - and the builder has done a great job in capturing it - but the structure on top of the carapace suggests the much larger imperator titan.

Both Epic models are almost certainly out of production, but are in 6mm scale. The scratchbuild is most likely to be 28mm scale. Because it's a scratchbuild and borrows from two designs it's difficult to be sure which one exactly it's intended to be. Either way it looks amazing!

They're my cuppa too and I hope this helps.

kriz said...

@porky: absolutely, mega thanks man.

kriz said...

@porky: Reminds me of some character designs for the ps2 game Shadow of the Colossus also.

Thanks again for the info.

vanz najoseki said...

those are very nice dios..!! I love the fortress and the battle zones.. :XD

mdgelo said...

Thanks for sharing Kriz. Really awesome works and great inspirations!

Vincent Tétreault said...

Outstanding ! The city ruins are amazing. I need to learn how to paint (and buy myself a spray gun). My set looks like a child work. It would be really cool to do stopmotion with a set like that.
Good job !

Jeff said...

Wow! That is some fantastic stuff!

Matanglawin said...

Radical. Something to look up to when making dioramas.

Bartender said...

The sreet shots are very atmospheric. Incredible structures!

The Angry Lurker said...

That stuff is excellent.

Lobo said...

Wow, that rocks!

smilingjack said...

Wow.. this looks amazing. Great job mate.

Papa JJ said...

Awesome photos, thanks for sharing these. That city board with the street signs and papers strewn about is incredible. Wow... just wow. Thanks for the inspiration!

kriz said...

Thanks for dropping by everyone.

ALL THE CREDIT go's too the master's that created these wonderous work's of art.

SALUTE to them.

vanz najoseki said...

I was looking for a ruined city diorama and stumbled again on your blog..ha ha ha!! nice concepts bro..XD