Monday, January 10, 2011

Abandon Post! 1/144 Zaku Diorama

Out of boredom I spent 30 mins kneeling in the snow out back so I could get some good shots of this Diorama I did back in the summer, and I recently did a bit of repositioning and touch-ups.
Not a lot to say about this build other than its in 1/144 scale, and the outpost and terrain are scratch built from various materials.
Here is the OUTPOST WIP from my Flickr acctount if your curious.

Finally Feel like I have some good photo's of this.


Paul´s Bods said...

Very good. The first couple of pics I wondered "why the titel?" but then I saw the little guys running away.
Well worth the time you spent in the snow :-)

Warren Zoell said...

Cool! So is this a Zaku docking and repair station?

Lobo said...

Wow that's good stuff!

kriz said...

@Paul: thanks man, preciate the comment.

@Warren: This was Prior named as
such, But The concept didn't quite
stick. Thus I changed the pose and
Thanks for the visit my friend.

@lobo: really appreciate that, thanks man.

Porky said...

It looks great - that's a lot of very good work, in building the terrain too. I especially love the wear and weathering, and the sense of movement. The difference in figure sizes is incredible!

Ludo Weyden said...

That's a great diorama you build there Kriz. I really like the varios platforms with the rust effect, it has a realistic look. Very cool.

kriz said...

@Porky & Ludo:

Thanks guys for the compliments, I
really appreciate it.