Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prelude To Destruction, The Bombed City Corner

I did this Diorama as a test during the summer 2010, This is a foot print to a larger 2-part Diorama still under construction. It is on the back burner at this moment due to weather and other key factor's, The core structure is a plaster mold made from a HO-Train building set upon Styrofoam. the street an sidewalk are also plaster, The car is a HO-Train item which I used a dremmel and jeweler's hammer to achieve the crash effect.
The finishing was done with Air brush, ink washes and pastel dusting. I really enjoyed building this most of all and One of my Cyber Brother's DC23 who is very well known in the modeling community added it to his blog which was very humbling and appreciated.


Thanks again bro.

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