Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dio Dedicated to My home Forum: Zaku Deploys From Desert Outpost

This Diorama was the last completed Dio of the summer and was strictly a inspirational piece. I dedicated this to my Home Forum M.A.C. FORUMS MAC FORUMS Which started up in the beginning of the summer and is filled with very talented and great people from all over and still growing. The two people behind the site would be  MAT'X AND DC23 as far as I know.

The Dio gets the final concept from MS IGLOO which is a CG ova series, everything about this was Scratch built with the exception of the transport and mecha and 2 figure's. The only thing I found odd is how the concept of motion seemed to elude the imagination....Oh well. The Zaku was spray painted as well as the catwalks. The rock face was hand painted and then everything finished with ink wash and pastel dust.

The Complete Post and WIP can be found at this MACFORUM LINK:

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