Sunday, October 3, 2010

The love of a father for his Twin Son's 1 of 2

I would like to show the work of one my Twin son's, he is one of many people that feed my creative hunger on a regular basis. he's 13 year's old at this time but has been drawing since he was 2 year's old, he surpassed my art skill when I was 17. I am very proud of his artistic abilities at this stage of his life, and I am very confident that he will continue to grow in his creative life. A bit of his work to date (AKA) Trollman and he sure can be a little troll from time to time too, ha ha ha.

Now this next one was a collaboration of both of us, my vision his translation.

from one of my old Comic Covers.

And This is an old sketch I did when I was a teenager

as promised to my son.
I love you regardless of how much we clash.

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