Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gundam Age WIP "Genoace Ver Clu"

Another update on this build, after watching a few movie's and some net surfing I found my muse.

I have wanted to do a Tron Legacy version of a robot kit since the movie and Disney cartoon came out, but just haven't had the mojo too do so.

This has been a longer than usual venture than most 1/144 kits that I have done, due to not having a initial concept in mind and working out the paint and application issue's. If I had more of a reason other than fun, I guess I could have done a MG kit with all kinda LED's an what not...but pfft what for lol.
So I have otherwise had to figure the best way of applying a Florescent acrylic paint which actually when dried shows up opaque with out black light, I have had to use a mixture of citadel along with pre-applying a coat of model master's orange all by hand brushing...(which kinda sucks)... water based upon a alcohol based has a few drying time challenges I must say.

(Too the up-an-comers....this is not as easy as it your paint testing if you ever decide to try it this way.)

mostly for process reference.

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