Friday, July 19, 2013

1/144 Enact "Tigrissa" Custom, A Dedication To ALL My Hobby Friends In Internet Land.

Life has been throwing curve balls my way for the last few years, and I just keep moving through it as a man should.
As most who know me...may not be able to recall when I have had the luxury of finishing a build, well after suffering some minor nerve damage in my 5th digit ( me throttling someone lol) a few months ago (among other things).....I have finally finished something.

A very flimsy and small (1/144 scale) Gundam Kit, done up with airbrushed tiger stripes using individually cut pieces of masking tape.
I 'd like to dedicate this to all that I call friend within the Hobby Community, as well as Blogger and the Forums that I have frequented.

It has and remains my pleasure to be a part of the

The Enact Custom "Tigrissa"........ Cheers, Salute, Kassai.

                                                                        the tape


The Angry Lurker said...

A thing of beauty Kriz!

peter said...

I love the tiger cammo pattern! Excellent work!


Sonar said...

TIGER STYLE! My man Kriz ain't nuttin ta F wit!

Steve said...

i know things have been tough lately my friend! it is really good to see you doing the things you love again!! i really hope life is on the up for you now! stay positive! and keep on pumpin out kits like this!! i could see this paint scheme on a future build of one of the zoids i have!! really great job!!

kriz said...

@A.L. Thanks mate as always. :)

@Pete. thank you Sir, glad to see you also... :)

@Sonar...Too Kind my friend..tnx

@Steve..Thank You bro, just plowing through things...glad to be able to finish a build...cant wait to see a little tiger style from you some day.

rzero1 said...

Nice to see you finishing a kit again my friend. Its been a while.