Saturday, June 8, 2013

AQU-ERO-VETTE...More Like Pain In The Butt Vette.

Dropping these preliminary shots of the Areovette before I do the final assembly, mainly because I have had to re due this dam thing FOUR TIMES already . I over buffed the first time and the paint came off, I had some kinda weird chemical reaction which caused pot holes the next go round. 
For the finale I got hit with a frosty clear coat right before this final run, I was finally able to produce what you now see..(still a few small flaws) 
Not that bad considering I did not melt the dam thing four times over stripping it with a 60/40 lacquer Thinner/alcohol mix , I'm still tempted to buff a bit more but might just call it a wrap..(cant strip it a 5th time, cause i would pass out from the fumes)

I will explain the paints used and what not in the final post with better pictures tomorrow.

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Francis Lee said...

Sounding like a challenge my friend.