Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For Some Of My Friends : City Buildings Reference Photos

Have not had much time to surf the net lately, but keeping some of my hobby craft friends out there in mind.

Here are a ton of photo's I took while on my lunch in the heart of my city, There are some very nice buildings designs in these . I hope this helps a few of you out there, and hopefully if I ever get enough free time....I'll use them myself..haha.


The Angry Lurker said...

Great pics Kris.....

Steven said...

I work down the street from you. (7th and Chestnut). Awesome pictures of the area West of City Hall!


Steven said...

Where do you game around here?

kriz said...

@A.L. THNKS a Million mate :)

@Awesome bro, small world taint it lol.

Hanvt gamed in many years actually,
Not many place's I know of really.

There was G.W. over in N.J. (closed now) /Plymth Meeting mall comic shop has a set up (hvn't been there in years tho)

Check out Brave New Worlds..1 is in OLD CITY on 2nd st btwn Mrket&Arch and the other is behind Willow Grove Mall...(next to a Wawa)not 100% sure of the street Name tho.

You can catch me @ http://www.facebook.com/groups/284656501611877/#!/groups/284656501611877/

Cheers my friend,tnks for dropping in.