Friday, April 13, 2012

Working out the bugs and hacking the

I'm currently working on new design's and layout for both my BLOG and PAINTEDHOBBIES.COM

Lucky I have a few days off...But in the same instance cant sit for long periods due to pinching a nerve in my lower I'm getting older....can't do some of the things I could when I was a lad..jeez

(Gymnastics/military pressing 350lbs or more)...Man I miss those days. friends..bear with me for a bit while changes and upgrades are being made.




Justsayin' said...

Hope your back feels better soon.

The Angry Lurker said...

Not a problem but I feel your pain mate!

kriz said...

Thanks my friends.

@A.L...i figure you might..mend up my friend.

Lobo said...

I'm in!

kriz said...


DUMP yer works away my friend.

Anne said...

I'm sorry to hear about your back. My Hubby is in such a mess with his. When it takes away your ability to do the things you love most it's just horrible. Wishing you the best!

kriz said...


Always a pleasure when you drop in.

@your Hubby... a few nights on the flat on the floor may help a little.

Thanks for the best wish's.

Anne said...

My Hubby had spinal surgery last year and is getting ready to have another one in a month or so.

I got your comment and relied. Thank you for the compliment and the encouragement. I'll get with you in a few days to work out details.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks for your lovely comment,and for sharing x
I trapped a nerve in my back once,killed! hope you get better soon,look forward to the blog updates.
Have a good week x