Thursday, April 5, 2012

WICKED! Custom Build From Juno-Uno: GNZ-009 Gadeleo

I didn't have plans on doing many Guest Modeler Feature's until late in the year, But this build really keeps screaming KICK-AZZ every time I see it.

Although its only a 1/144 kit (and most Gunpla Modeler's seem to look down on 1/144 builds nowadays), the way this kit was modified was very cleaver and creative IMO. 

(I prefer 1/144's kits myself..seems a bit more challenging to modify and work with...if you ask me)

I present to you what has to be another of my favorite builds this year, and I'm a bit jealous that I did not think of it first..LOL...... BUT... I'm glad it has been made into existence either way.  :)

                                      JUNO UNO'S CUSTOM GADESSA
                                                      GNZ-009 GADELEO

Wicked Wall Papers

The Kit :

The Youtube Channel And Forum threads


                                              Gundam-Eclipse Juno's GADELEO

                                              MAC Forums JUNO'S GADELEO

Personall I would love to see more like this from Juno in the future and maybe even a Build-Off between us from the 1/144 Line some day.

My Hats Off too you my young Sir, Flawless Execution in my book.


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