Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking a Haitus for a while.

Figured as a courtesy to my fellow bloggers, and the New-Blood Gunpla modeler's out there.

It would be very crass to say the least, if I up an faded for a few months or longer.
Do to many negative events in my life (My Mother's Illness / The Bad Economy), and the cold winter month's ahead . I have lost interest in modeling so to speak, I may renew my 2nd passion of martial art's training instead (Which Cant be blogged very well)

I will more than likely lurk about an drop a occasional comment here and there, but I have no immediate plans on updating my blog anytime soon. A Million THANKS for checking out what I have been able to share in the last year, Please FEEL FREE to use any information within my prior post for your creative endeavours.

See you in the summer months....At least if the 2012 Prophecies are not true .....hahah


All the best.


DC Suratos said...

Take Care brother!!! Wish you all the best man! Love yah! :)

kriz said...

You as well my brother.. ;)

Love and Blessing to you too.

The Angry Lurker said...

Have a good break and look after yourself......

Tonythem / AgcSantos said...

Hope you are ok man...expect to see you back soon, sometimes we have to leave stuff behind for our own good...as long as your skills don't get rusty I'm ok with it ahaha

Good break master :D

rzero1 said...

Hope everything will be alright... You've been an inspiration to me, hope to see you back soon... Take care my friend.

I.M.PAO said...

All the best bro. Will miss all your works. One of the most inspiring dio-maker out there. Cheers!

Frédéric said...

After break you'll come back with lot of modelling projects YOU MUST !!