Monday, October 24, 2011


I updated my blog roll today to also include Scale Model Rail Roading, seeing as though my love for modeling originated from my dad's massive layout when I was a kid.

I "REALIZED" that no matter what genre your modeling  love falls in, we all share universal tips and trick which can be utilized across the board.
I have a friend who is a "HAND PAINTING ASSASSIN" when it comes to painting Gundam Models, and HIS skill set came from WARGAMING.

I myself have been asked how I do Diorama's by some of my friends, and the answer is Model RailRoading. There are some other's I know who are "KILLER" when it come's to weathering mecha kits, I bet there skills are crossed over from Military Modeling.

I would like to share Photo's, and Blog Links I came across while doing my research for my current project. What I found was an AMAZING SCRATCH BUILD and SUPERB brick work of 2 structures a SKYSCRAPER made in "N" Scale which is about the same as a 1/144 Gundam kit, This is made from 1 of a few materials that I myself would use to construct a building (clear acrylic sheets ).........So for all of my GUNPLA BROTHERS....Make sure you check this out.....................THIS IS HOW YA MAKE  SKYSCRAPERS AND BRICKS.

                               IMAGE FROM

Be sure to drop by this blog and a few other's that I linked to my blog roll.
I assure you there is a wealth of material's to be found concerning tips&tricks, to help you build realistic Diorama's

HERE IS ANOTHER AMAZING BUILDING, of a gentlemen who is also linked to my Blog.
(Sir Jmanugo)
Look at the Detail's...WOW!

Till next adventure Ladies and Gent's.


Warren Zoell said...

Looks great! One used to be able to get stone kits at one time. I haven't seen them for years though.

The Angry Lurker said...

Really lovely work...amazing patience and skill.

Anne said...

Oh I love this. Youre right the detail is amazing. How long does it take to do just one of hese pieces and where do you store them?

Monty said...

Very, very good!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Your skyscraper is can bet I'll be watching this blog.

kriz said...

@Warren... I remember the days.

@A.L. Blew my mind.

@Anne.. Thnks Anne, all depends on how much detail you want it to have. sometime it takes is another issue (depends on what the wife will allow..haha)

@Monty..Thier works are awesome.

@CaptRichards..Thank you my friend, I am gonna give it my best.