Sunday, August 21, 2011

MG Nemo Finally Completed....Dio display 1 of 2

After tons of rain and a broken finger, Not to mention a serious "MAN COLD"................I FINISHED THE DAM THING.
This will only be the 4th completed kit for 2011, opposed to last years 6 or 7 completed kits. What is the world coming too when a man with a hobby passion can only manage the bare minimum of creations?

Here he is set once again on my old DIO for now, at least until I can finish the new war scene DIO.

A bazillion more photos and angles at :


The Angry Lurker said...

That's damn nice, damn nice and that damn man flu strikes again.

kriz said...

Thanks A.L.....Yup man flu strikes
again hahaha.

DarkWorkx said...

Just asking what colors you use on paint chipping...

Correct me if i'm not wrong.

Gundam Paint>Pastel (Weathering Master>Silver Paint (For Chipping)> etc

because i'm planning to do that on my cherudim saga. i hope you can help me there :D