Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beckoning To All Creative Minds And Aficionado's To Join A Concept Adventure.

Firstly let me say this, I AM VERY EXCITED AND ENTHUSIASTIC about what i'm about to share with you.

I'm sure some of you may already now about RZERO1'S JUNK BOTS, and his recent construction of them sparked an idea to furnish a Group Build at our Mech Arts Community Forum.(MAC). Basically the theme of this G.B. is to construct a UNIQUE CONCEPT MECHA from whatever scraps and various materials you have available, and allow your Imagination and Creativity to do the rest.

Since I love all types of modelling such as: ARMOR/GUNDAM/WARHAMMER/AVIATION to name a few, I would also LIKE TO INVITE ANY AND ALL MODELORS AND CREATIVE MINDS who are up for the challenge of creating something new. I am aware that many my not want to join a forum but still have in on the FUN. There is an alternative for my fellow bloggers! I will set up a shout box in a day or so, and once the fun begins, if you so choose, leave a shout and a link to your BLOG and WIP (your blog link will be added to a designated section) Finished works will be Featured at 2 other Blogs (DC23-mecharts AND mxgs.blogspot)

The Criteria is very simply:
START DATE IS 2/1/2011 AND END DATE IS 5/1/2011

Clean or weathered finishing

Work in Progress thread in our MAC forums is a must / or YOUR BLOG for non-members.

Materials can be anything from plastic, metals, rubber, parts from toys, other mecha series

Finished kit could be steam punk or streamlined as long as it does NOT look like Gundam

Concept Mech GB logo supplied in the( MACforum/DC23mecharts/) should be used   

Preferrably all finished kit photos should have a dark/white back ground

Here are a few banners and photos concepts to help get those juices flowing.



Porky said...

It's a cool idea. The quiet here might be because many feel like me, that this is way over my head! I doubt I have the skills to set alongside this. I'll give it some thought though; after all it's always good to have at least a little pressure to get things done.

Come out of the woodwork, lurkers, and make your excuses with me!

kriz said...

@Porky: Aye Bro.

Thanks for dropping by, This little shindig can be as simple as making a paperclip man with a smiley face button. I really hope you and many others will consider
adding you imaginative creations to this little venture.
The whole point to this would be to help keep one's imagination,and creative flare alive and flowing.

So I say to everyone: Give it a shot what do you have to loose? beside's, It will be fun. :)

(fingers crossed)

Ludo Weyden said...

Sounds like a cool idea, I will keep following this contest. Must say I'm pretty curious what the results will be. Cheers!

kriz said...

Aye Ludo,
I definately hope you would have
at it, and construct 1 of your
amazing creations as well.
tnks bro.