Monday, December 13, 2010

Kamm's Official HobbyLink-TV. MKII Commissioned Weathering Tutorial INTRO.

Here's another chapter of Kamm's Modeling footsteps that's pretty impressive, Kamm's natural painting gifts have been called upon by our very own HOBBYLINK-TV for what I consider a Commissioned Tutorial using a MG MKII that was graciously supplied by Hobbylink Japan and I must say that was SUPER COOL OF THEM TO DO.....HATS OFF HLJ.

I assume you are aware of this rising star amongst the modeling community and have seen his MG Strike ver Watchmen and his The O Frostbite Custom.

Well Kamm is Going to do a Tutorial using the MKII furnished by HLJ-TV, and show how he achieves his amazing HAND BRUSHED BATTLE DAMAGE. I personally can't wait and admire his works as well as MANY OTHER SUPER TALENTED MODELLER'S OUT THERE.

Here is Kamm's YOUTUBE INTRO to his commissioned tutorial and a sneak peek of his current work too.



I would keep an EYE out at the Hobbylink-tv for Updates on the Video For those Who are Interested.

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Kamm said...

wow... Kriz mate you are way too kind and nice to me. hehe thanks a lot for featuring this and i really hope i do the community proud especially the MAC forums! <3