Sunday, November 21, 2010

MG The "O" Frostbite Ver KAMM

Just saw this beauty at MAC Forums Done by a fellow modeller responsible for the "Strike Ver Watchmen"

His Nick is Kamm and this Gent has only been doing Gunpla for 6 whole freakin months, This kit was completely HAND PAINTED and weathered with Acrylics I believe. Wow can you believe it Hand painted you can barely tell and to think that this is the MG THE "O", Well this goes to show the magnitude of a creative mind and what can be achieved. I would like too direct your attention to the minute levels of detail on this baby....Those are actually rivet plugs on!
Link to post below MANY MORE Photo's and angle's



Kamm said...

Thank you so much Kriz! You are way too nice to me man. I really appreciate your belief in me.

vanz najoseki said...

I love what they did on The ''O''. and it's good to have this kit featured..Good move @kriz !

very nice kit @kamm !!

The Antipope said...

Very good work indeed. That how I am planning to do mine too with lots of weathering.

kriz said...

@Antipope: Cool. Keep me in the know, I will be looking forward to it.

The Antipope said...

Thanks. Well I got a lot of stuff on the painting table right now (I am starting a new army in 40K) but I think I can find some time for gunpla. I want to do a simple kit first (I got one of those little caricature ones) before I do something major though.

kriz said...

@Antipope: I will be checking your
blog out you have some cool stuff going on, drop by The MAC Forum when the time comes there are a lot of the small SD gundams over there too.