Thursday, October 28, 2010


After about 2 months I have finally finished a model challenge orchestrated by my twins, you might even consider this my first commissioned kit payed for with love and admiration from my son's. Almost everything about this build came from my kids directing the design, except the EYE'S on the wing's.
Overview of the modds = 70 BEADS, 12 SCREWS, 2 PIPES and about 60 separate panel lines.
There is a DIO planned for the theme of this kit which is ( Angel / Phoenix /), but for now I took some standard photos. A few thing's about this Kit I don't like are weak waist and legs joints, and the wing's and weapon pack make it unstable in a standing position. Besides my small gripes the kit overall is cool, and I  will eventually upload better photos to SEE A TON OF PHOTO'S check out the FLICKR link on the side bar.


NAZREE said...

nice finishing you have there~

kriz said...

appreciate it and thanks for dropping by bro.

Syful said...

Nice detailing dude, where did you get that screw parts on the shoulder?

kriz said...

@SYFUL. sorry for the late reply bro. Its a koto mold, painted with
auto paint (color name: marblehead)